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The Honest Cook has been 9 years in the making.  Lily’s family’s Famous Sichuan Chilli Oil’s over 100 years old recipe has been very well received and used in so many more ways than we ever thought possible.
Since bottling Lilly’s Chilli Oil 7 years ago, so many foodies have used the oil in so many different recipes than we could ever imagine – from BBQ marinades to salad dressings, the unique taste and aroma of Lily’s Chilli Oil fits into many different food recipes. While the ‘heat’ is there, its not over powering – yet still leaving us with the exciting tingling sensation of the Sichuan pepper.
We decided to add some unique dumpling styles by infusing the dumpling skins with spinach and carrots to give them an excitingly vibrant green and orange colour while at the same time, adding nutritional value and celebrating Lilly’s Chilli Oil as the dipping sauce to highlight your exquisite experience. All dumplings are handmade with tender loving care to ensure each and every one is done to our customers’ satisfaction.
All ingredients used in the making of our dumplings are of the highest grade – adding to the overall food quality we want to bring to the table.

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